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School Disco

30 Oct

£524 made from last nights disco brilliant 🙂


Autumn Disco

30 Oct

What fun last night at the disco.

Thank you to all those who helped organise this event from The Parent Council and staff.


Charlie House

30 Oct

Donna Deans came to talk to The Community Group about Charlie House.

We are designing a bench for the park to promote the valuable work they do to support children and families.

Thanks Donna. 


Numeracy Training

29 Oct

Staff were working together across our ASG last night looking at questioning within Numeracy. This will develop greater understanding and improve our teaching. 

Miss Davidson our Numeracy co ordinator is leading this from our school.


Day 3 our new playground 

28 Oct



28 Oct

In light of pupil safety concerns School lunch grapes are now  

 given to children during school lunches carefully chopped. 

Your feedback helps us improve the service we provide.

Runner of the week

28 Oct